QMorphic® Development

The Implicate Order and Polymorphism

Relating to enfolded and unfolded space relative to a singular implicate point.

Das Abra. April 24 2007, amendments and additions December 28 2007, September 10 2008.

Subsequent to the completion and enabling of the first polymorphic film The Next Room (2003)1 and described in other presentation materials and literature including a technical guide co-authored with Claudio Ingrosso, it became apparent that the film, although unintentional at the time, and from later research, empirically represented a logically constructed implicate order2 that enabled by a polymorphic engine gave rise to logically constructed explicate orders. The generative efficiency
(≥1.2 x 1017) of this experimental film from a wholeness vastly greater than the sum of its parts was such that it also gave rise to some fundamental questions and a search for answers concerning the possibility that this revealing concept, however crude by comparison, may already be existent and at work in Nature.

This technology has primarily been used in further media applications including polymorphic pop videos (1 x 1068 and 6 x 102121)3 with perfect audio visual concatenation, polymorphic sport applications4 enabling the play of real footage with virtual results and education videos facilitating bespoke and new learning.

"Wholeness and the implicate order" is a theory proposed and pioneered by the eminent theoretical physicist and philosopher David Bohm (1917-1992). It is one that we incorporate and build upon, using both its theory and its terminology where appropriate. In essence Bohm proposed that there was a deeper invisible implicate (to enfold) order underlying that which is explicate (to unfold) and visibly manifest. To demonstrate this, he cited the example of an ink droplet that was suspended in glycerine which was then rotated slowly thereby drawing the droplet out into a thinner and thinner thread until it eventually became invisible to the naked eye, at which point Bohm said that the order of the ink droplet was implicate within the substance. Reversing the process resulted in the thread returning to an ink droplet again, whereby it represented the explicate order. He also proposed that these orders were universal and universally interconnected.

According to David Bohm, quantum and relativity physics point to a new notion of physical reality, where the key notion is, that of implicate order. This notion he further suggests, can be extended to the field of biological phenomena and consciousness, thus making it into a proposal about the general architecture of existence. (Pylkkanen)5

Based on the knowledge gained by polymorphic experimentation and Bohm's theory, it is proposed that by citing the following hypothetical examples relating to enfolded and unfolded space relative to a singular implicate point, will help further the understanding of the implicate and explicate orders.

When thinking about size in an implicate way it appears that size has no measurable relevance in an imagined theoretical space nor is the implicate simultaneously as one with the explicate even though one can readily become the other and vice versa.

In an imagined theoretical space it is only proportion that gives meaningful comparison, yet it is possible to increase or decrease the size of an object mentally whilst holding the mental image as fixed physically in the mind's eye and without reference being available to measure the increase or decrease in size. How is it possible that we can imagine an increase in size and know that the size has increased and yet there is no reference to measurably show that it has increased?

We know that an object could be of any size if there is nothing to reference it to and calculate its measurement by. For example, think of an illuminated sphere of perfect proportions alone in the infinity of nothing, or at least as far as is necessary. There are no measuring instruments and there is nothing to reference its size to and we as observer do not know how far away we are from the sphere therefore we cannot calculate any meaningful measurement of its size. In effect its diameter could be of any size from the smallest discernable to beyond that of a diameter as wide as a Universe and anywhere in-between. Within this context it is a visual representation of an implicate order of many possibilities. In the following example this quality of indiscernibility can be used to differentiate between the implicate and the explicate.

Imagine, in the mind's eye, an illuminated sphere alone in the infinity of nothingness. Now without altering the physical diameter of the sphere imagine that the sphere is bigger, much bigger. The sphere still looks the same (explicate) in the infinity of nothingness and yet we know it's bigger by implication. The explicate appears not to have changed but the implicate has indeed changed it into a new explicate. It might be easier if you think of it first as being a marble then think of it as being a planet of a greater distance away. Cycle this image back and forth whilst keeping the diameter the same and it is possible, hypothetically, and albeit a superimposition, to envisage both the implicate wave function and the sphere's explicate possibilities that co-exist between the cyclic extremities.

figure 1
figure 2

Although both of the above figures appear to have the same imagined observed explicate diameter the sphere of figure 2 can be known to be much bigger than the sphere of figure 1 and vice versa when the implicate mind imagines it to be bigger.

figure 3

Explicate (one possibility)

figure 4

Implicate (many possibilities)

In the explicate there is only one observed possibility whereas the implicate mind holds the potential of many observable possibilities.

figure 5

Implicate (many possibilities)

figure 6

Explicate (one possibility)

However, when the implicate mind imagines an observable possibility then the panoply of possibilities appears to collapse fixating on one observed possible explicate. Whatever size is imagined by the implicate mind (fig 5), it then becomes locked in reality as an explicate of one possibility (fig 6) and no longer the implicate of many possibilities. This exists for as long as that thought is held until it is forgotten and or dissolved back into the implicate mind as unlocked and in a potential state of many possibilities again.

Using the following abstract two dimensional examples it is possible to imagine the correlation between the implicate and the explicate.

figure 7

Invisible (virtual)
singular implicate point

figure 8

Explicate Sphere

Although both are observed from the same fixed distance the invisible singular implicate point of Figure 7 has hypothetically exactly the same radius as the explicate sphere of Figure 8. By unfolding the space of the singular implicate point an explicate sphere of the same radius is revealed. However, it is more tangibly visible if the space of the sphere is enfolded to reveal the invisible singular implicate point as shown in figure 9.

figure 9


The enfolded invisible singular implicate point contains all possible explicate spheres corresponding to how its space is unfolded.

figure 10


Regardless of size, folding each of the explicate spheres above into the singular implicate point using the same fold lines as depicted in Figure 9 will result in all of the spheres having the same implicate or imaginary radius. No matter what radius an explicate sphere has it will always enfold into the same infinitely small implicate radius resulting in all spheres being of the same implicate radius and again of any possible explicate radius. Therefore the singular implicate point potentially contains all possible explicate (unfolded) radii.

figure 11


The singular implicate point contains all possible radii of explicate spheres and is capable of unfolding an increasing explicate sphere.

If an explicate sphere contains one or more singular implicate points within, then each singular implicate point is capable of splitting off into a new explicate sphere.

figure 12

Invisible (virtual)
Implicate point or seed contained within an explicate sphere

figure 13

Explicate spheres conjoined by a singular implicate point or seed yet separated

If an explicate sphere contains explicate units then some of these explicate units may be drawn into a singular implicate point and transformed into a superimplicate of implicate units whereby they are in state of all possible positions and permutations simultaneously thereby creating a super integrated all unity. If under the right conditions this superimplicate seed is triggered to release this all unity as separated units then a burst of greatly multiplied explicate units is released into and as a new explicate sphere.

If each explicate sphere contains explicate units and one or more singular implicate points then each singular implicate point is capable of capturing and transforming some of these explicate units into a superimplicate state of all unity which when triggered releases a burst of massively increased separated explicate units within and as a new explicate sphere. In continuance, this would enable an exponentially increasing and infinitely growing multisphere within the stasis of infinity.


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End Note

Intellectual Property Rights Notice


Origin: Gr POLY (polys) - many
Gr MORPH - form [phorm]

POLYMORPHISM Oxford English Dictionary

Noun the occurrence of something in several or more forms


polymorphic (adjective)

polymorphous (adjective)

1859, Charles Darwin. On the Origin of Species

I refer to those genera which have sometimes been called "protean" or "polymorphic" in which species present an inordinate amount of variation.

Polymorphic ®

Media - The capability to play different audio visual combinations from the same source material. - QMorphic

The Next Room

Abridged from various documents 2003-08, Das Abra and Claudio Ingrosso. Information provided with kind permission of the QMorphic Corporation.

"All rooms are square and of the same construct. Consisting of four equilateral walls, each with a centrally placed set of double swing doors." - Extract from the script of The Next Room (TNR). Conceived, written and directed by Das Abra, 2003.

Thus the "Set" created was a literal representation of the geometry required, whereby the rooms made up a coherent whole with each respective room representing coordinates, container, cell, information packet, action, event, scene, content, a space etc and their doors representing resistance, entry/exit, yes/no, choices, decisions, interconnections, In/Out procedures, transitions, extensions etc. As to the representations of the actors, whether they matter as particles, atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, beings, free will etc, I'm still puzzling the extent of their multifarious roles.

The intent here was to create a polymorphic architecture for which supercontent could be imported and exported in such a way to enable the seamless play of non-predictive audio visual permutations and facilitating story (in all facets) that changes - storYs generated from within a flexible structure of complexity that are surprisingly different from one another yet orderly enough to ensure stability and comprehension.

It is correct to say that the film was conducted as an empirical exploration of the concept and the art rather than as a portrayal of art, yet this pure objectivity results in a film that within contains all its subjective art, without exception. As such it proved successful and the foundation for the progression to all current developments. Using 3 Hi-Def cameras the filming and editing were based upon but differed from conventional filming and editing techniques.

Technically, TNR represents a superposition of simultaneous permutations (≥ 1.2 x 1017) that, software enabled decohere to become "real" allowing an observable single play actuality. Although the film is only four minutes long, it would take not less than 925 billion years of continuous viewing to see every permutation of the superposition thereby facilitating non-predictive viewing and in some cases questioning our traditionally held beliefs in cause and effect, since effect may precede cause, paradoxically creating true contradiction. Thus it becomes about perceiving perceptions dissimilar to our own. In essence each play is seen anew and when seen anew has the potential to change our point of view.

In the coherent superposition state, all permutations (possibilities and probabilities) co-exist simultaneously, just as each and every room has a direct connection with each and every other room, regardless of their remote positioning to one another, even hypothetically in an infinite matrix of rooms. Therefore, everything informs, acts on and interacts with everything and can to some extent be thought of as being the rooms (or cube spaces) that instantaneously move and or spin. In this context and with other abstract qualities of TNR, it is worth contemplating the issues regarding the extent of free will, the parameters for allowable error catastrophe, and the equality of truth in opposites relating to causality and noncausality; continuity and noncontinuity; locality and nonlocality.

Conceptually, it contains past, present and future memory which would co-exist simultaneously if observed and comprehended in an instant. Naturally we cannot accomplish this as the limits of our linear space-time thought process (serial thinking) prevents us from information overload, but there is some evidence in the field of quantum biology that suggests otherwise.

Although limited we should not be dissuaded by this. There are many constructed applications that are complex and all of their workings too difficult to understand in an instant.

In our case we may not know a specific polymorphism and this is the advantage here. We can by ordinary process and assembly, with logic and a rule base, succeed in creating predictable and importantly, unpredictable meaningful results.

TNR does not contain many linear threads in a tapestry of interaction it is much more subtle than that. For each output thread arises from within an enfolded wholeness and yet is not separately distinct within that wholeness - greatly different from weave. However it is easier to say that it has a structure or stage for interaction where both relativity and quantum interplay. From observable aspects of the physical to the weirdness of quanta themselves and encompasses an explicate order and an implicate order, and not necessarily in that order. When arriving at the basis for our new understanding it is helping to clarify what was previously difficult to comprehend and are now perceiving astonishing deep underlying similarities in almost every field we research: Nature, the Sciences, Ancient Literature - from DNA to mystical symbols.

What is becoming more apparent is that while we may think we create something, further enquiry and deeper thought leads us into a developing and profound sensing of a working interconnectivity already in existence, underpinning and permeating that which is or can be manifest. Whilst many are aware of this quintessence, hypothetical or not, TNR with respect, represents a very crude model of a logically constructed implicate order of complexity that enabled by a polymorphic engine, gives rise to logical explicate orders of similar differences amongst a generation of great magnitude. In understanding the workings of what TNR is, it becomes a way of thought that leads to more exploration and a better understanding of things in general. When realised, it is possible that a transformation will occur leading to an explosion of creativity and prodigious innovation somewhat paralleled by the significant reappraisal and subsequent advancement of intellectual property laws themselves and ultimately a considerable expansion of understanding in general. It appears to be more than a film, a primer to build upon and has many slowly revealing layers we continue to puzzle over. One thing is sure, this very long short film now asks more questions of me than I originally did of it.

In Claudio's words:

"Reportedly, during a walk in a park in late 1900, Max Planck said to his son Erwin:
"Today I have made a discovery which is as important as Newton's".

In fact, on that day Planck introduced one of the first concepts that now form the foundation of "quantum physics".

When Das Abra described the World's first polymorphic film, "The Next Room", as a "quantum experiment in film" he too was conscious of the far reaching consequences of this development, even though no one to date can really describe in detail all the possible applications resulting from the ensuing technology.

The Player here offers myriads of "seamless" audio-video combinations resulting in audio video content that can never be watched in the same way twice , unless so required.

It is a fact that humans are used to thinking linearly and across logic paths. Nevertheless it is also recognised that all pure sciences are "linked" or underpinned by those laws of coherence which tie the Universe in a "liveable" space. Only very recently have we begun to understand how such "universal" laws correlate to each other. We hope to be able to deliver tools with "native" polymorphic characteristics designed to facilitate the discovery, study and use of such correlations and are excited by the prospect of being able to offer a plethora of these new polymorphic tools to researchers in all branches of science."

View a polymorphic versions of The Next Room.

Polymorphic Engine:

The QMorphic Player

The World's first Morphic Player® enabling interactive media rich products in all applications and in many formats.


All existing players can only play linearly; no capabilities or controls are available to vary the content in any way. Our Polymorphic ® Engine enables control over the content itself: its amount, the way the scenes are cut and displayed, the protagonists in the scenes and even changes in script, dialogue, music, story, actors, scenarios, backgrounds, etc. (Live Edit® ). Many more functions are still under development and are not listed here.

  1. Viewing of the same content is displayed differently each time
  2. Your choices are profiled and can be set as default for future play
  3. Allows you to choose the amount of "protagonist play" from 0 to 100%
  4. Edits on the fly the amount and timing of cuts between and within scenes
  5. Permits play discrimination of content based on choice or presets
  6. The ability to influence "play" during "play", on the fly, in real time
  7. Different from Replay, it allows remorphing of a particular set of conditions
  8. A device for standalone play
  9. Capable of playing polymorphic content as well as all other types of media
player within website

popmorphic player

Current Player Features:

Logical Unpredictability

  • Non predictive polymorphic sequences unless by specific rule base a logical predictability is required.


  • User defined preferences between 0 - 100%

Polymorphic Transitions

  • Polymorphic positions of cuts
  • Polymorphic lengths of cuts
  • Polymorphic number of cuts
  • Polymorphic manipulation of irreducible units and assemblies thereof

Dynamic LiveMorphic® Interface

  • Enabling the influence of play during play, including live broadcast

Morphic Resonance

  • The ability of a play permutation to remorph against its replay and change its previous history prior to the moment of change without altering its historical future

Cross platform and forward/backward compatible with existing technologies

Proprietary low-level development

  • Unique polymorphic engine
  • Proprietary polymorphic algorithms
  • Blackboxed code
  • IP rights

All digital delivery platforms are affected

  • From TV's to MP4 players

Media sectors and convergence value chain affected

  • Content providers
  • Transport companies
  • ALL digital devices

Licensed as

  • Stand alone solution
  • Embedded
  • Plug-in

QMorphic® Corporation

For enquiries regarding commercial music applications please email:

For enquiries regarding other commercial or scientific applications please email:


Generative efficiency

The realisation of this generative efficiency is that of significant importance is the proof by our empirical evidence and applications that one implicate disk (without compression) can hold the data content equivalence of literally trillions and trillions of explicate disks. This holds considerable promise over all existing and currently accepted methods by which data is created, stored and processed in explicate ways and on an explicate basis.

It is worth considering that within the next eight years it is predicted (The waste at the heart of the web - New Scientist 16 December 2006. p 24) that 20% of the United States energy consumption will be utilised by this conventional method. The potential therefore exists to reduce this rising energy consumption by not less than trillions and trillions to one and is with insight entirely feasible. As such it also merits the specific further development and implementation in which we also engage.

The construction, experimentation and study of, will offer up some deep philosophical questions with the anticipation of illuminating insights and resultant applications. Of considerable interest is the exploitation of the implicate order of complexity and its determined rule base whereby it is possible to identify and call forth a specific desired explicate from within the ordered complexity of the implicate order. The achievement and implementation of this would eliminate the need for the "all explicate" storage, processing and transmission currently employed worldwide which is by comparison so grossly inefficient and wasteful, and albeit an evolution, one deserving of punctuation. Huge energy savings globally will result and more. No retrofitting, materials change, increased memory, bigger pipes or additional costs are required.

It should be noted within the context and the scale alluded to, that the ability to identify and call forth is a mathematical solution of immeasurable proportions and beyond that of conventional mathematics, yet exists and precedes us, otherwise we would not be here to evidence the fact that we are here.

Note. Universal Image and Universal Data Orders

Models of the Universal Image Order and Universal Data Order have been successfully completed. The full Universal Image Order will, in effect, hold all evolving image moments of every 3D image segment (2D, but derived from 3D geometry) of our entire 4D (space-time) Universe of all matter, microscopic to macroscopic, from every angle and un/focal length, of all time past, present and future, from the beginning to the end, of what was and wasn't, is and isn't, will be and won't be. For example, whatever image (photograph or artwork) is yet to be captured or created in the future, it is already existent within the implicate complexity of the image order. As implicate, everything is already known if as explicate it chooses to be known.

It may appear paradoxical, but the Universal Image Order does not contain even a single image yet contains all images. In essence, no storage, only the ability to identify and call forth into form. We apprehend with care and do not see the polarization of science and faith.

Deliberately and in natural agreement, neither Claudio nor I have sought any patent protection specifically related to the Universal Image Order and the Universal Data Order as no entity or State (including ourselves) should potentially obtain any possible monopsony and or monopoly over such. However, due to certain perceived inequities within the convention of international patent law there could potentially exist an exploitable unfair or unscrupulous advantage to those uniquely advantaged. In anticipation, to prevent this and to facilitate the envisaged unencumbered freedom of use for all, it should be noted that our timeous prior art exists with the intent of negating any unfair and or unscrupulous advantage toward domination that could potentially be sought by others.


Audibly comparable to standard linear locked versions

Eliminates sound drift as commonly experienced in linear locked versions

Accurate lip sync and drum stick concatenation throughout

Retains "on the fly" sound and lip synchronisation integrity despite manipulation and assembly

6 x 102121

The polymorphic pop video "Stuck in the moment", white screen infinity stage versions performed by DbSixtyeight has 6 x 102121 permutations. That is more permutations than there are grains of sand in all the beaches of this World; more permutations than all the stars in the Universe; and more permutations than all the atoms (1080) in the known Universe. No matter which way an editor would subjectively cut this footage, the edit is already existent within its implicate order of complexity - every edit and all possible edits.


With reference to the interrelationships of finer and finer implicate orders, David Bohm quoted: "It is being suggested that this possibility of going beyond any specified level of subtlety is the essential feature on which the possibility of intelligence is based... It is interesting in this context to consider again the meaning of the word "Subtle" - this is a "rarefied, highly refined, delicate, elusive, indefinable" - Its Latin root is sub-texere, which means "finely woven". This suggests a metaphor for thought as a series of more and more closely woven nets." David Bohm & B.J. Hiley, The Undivided Universe.

With reference to the use of the word "subtle" in this introduction to polymorphic technologies as compared to David Bohm's use, it should be noted that it is used in the modern context as meaning - not immediately obvious or comprehensible, delicate, highly refined, fine distinction of meaning. And not meaning finely woven as this implies an implicate order containing linear locked threads within. In progression, TNR's implicate order and this I suggest for all implicate orders - They do not contain linear locked threads within, but rather implicate orders are able to produce explicate linear threads by assembly from within, thereby generating polymorphisms of similar differences amongst a generation of great magnitude - diversities that are so evident in Nature and the Universe.


Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities although not beheld.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the assurance of the things we hope for, being the proof of things we do not see and the conviction of their reality.

Hebrews 11:1


The quantum implicate/explicate interconnection.

It is intriguing to consider that if we tried to determine the complexity of an implicate order from only the explicates produced (presuming that we knew of the existence of an implicate order), it would, with a large over unity of permutation which is more often the case, take a considerable period of time to deduce if at all possible.

Currently, as explicate four dimensionally aware beings we would examine the explicates in an attempt to understand the what, where, why and how they derive. This presents a problem when trying to determine the permutation mechanics of an implicate order from a dominant explicate perspective and would be apparent when objectively measuring an observable (explicate) of a quantum (implicate) system, attempting to reverse engineer the process from which the resulting experimental data always appears to portray extreme randomness of which some and sum of the parts is always less than the whole.

This would result in an interpretation of a system of illogical unpredictability (randomness) and a corresponding misunderstanding of what is being observed or not with the associated anomalies. If it can be considered that the implicate is over unity with the explicate as being unitary and also considered that the implicate is never late and for practical purposes always at the same time in all space and in effect timeless. And the explicate considered as being always late and in effect in time as a "now" that defines but also conjoins past and future, then the "why" could prove to be that diversity is inbuilt within a quantum relativistic system, from a lone particle's paths to path, to the interactive correlative permutations of particles to particles both in the quantum and relativistic states. An implicate/explicate system that is not one to one in the normal sense, but as multifaceted interface to face and analogous to many of the same one within to only one emergent.

This diversity, enabled by over unity (all unity) of permutation appears therefore (relative to its implicate order), to display a propensity that limits the production of exact copies or clones thereby ensuring productions of similar differences amongst a morphological class generation of great magnitude.

It is clear that an implicate order contains an ordered complexity of dynamic over unity that by a rule base logically generates unpredictable similar differences, yet meaningful results - a logical system of determined indeterminism.

The waste at the heart of the web

"Computers now consume about 10% of the electricity generated in the US - and that figure is set to double in the next decade. The root of the power consumption hike is a seismic shift in how we use computers, with online activity at the heart of it. As applications offering video access, music, photo storage and word processing move the data off our desks and on to remote servers, a power hungry beast is emerging: the data center - sometimes called a server farm - that has to store and retrieve all content"

The waste at the heart of the web. New Scientist, 16 December 2006, p.24.


Polymorphic play not only retains the art but enhances it. It is always new and fresh.



Media - Additional varied or variable elements of content that provide for alternative audio visual permutations.



Superposition is a principle of quantum theory that describes a challenging concept about the nature and behaviour of matter and forces at the atomic level. The principle of superposition claims that while we do not know what the state any object is, it is actually in all possible states simultaneously, as long as we don't look to check. It is the measurement [or observation] itself that causes the object to be limited to a single possibility.


Polymorphic Architecture

Media - A supercontent structure that software enabled allows the elements to be manipulated and seamlessly assembled into a new play order.



Media - The ability to interact with and instruct a weighted play preference.


End Note

We humbly acknowledge all those that inspire us, particularly the theorists and physicists who in their thoughtful and scientific exploration bring us deeper understanding. Especially Max Planck, who not only realised, but had the courage to state that nature is not continuous, but rather comes in discreet packets or quanta and finally David Bohm for his equally important theory "Wholeness and the Implicate Order" and for his courage also.

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Interview - Time for Deep Dialogue, Professor Ashok Gangadean

If I'm say in a Christian lens and I see it through Christian eyes that's a World view. If I see it through Hindu eyes that's another World view. If I see it through Native American Lakhota that's different [also]. If I see it from a scientific perspective, if I see pro choice, pro life, Geneses, Big Bang, these are all different lenses, how to step back and morph our minds into multiple alternative lenses and that really is what I've been working on for over three decades to try and understand the dynamics of shifting awareness and changing our lenses so if I'm raised in the Judeo Christian lens of seeing reality. If I interpret all reality through my lens I'm not aware of it then I'm in a way doing violence to another if you are a Muslim or if you are a Buddhist or a Hindu or a scientist I won't be able to see the World as you see it. The Planet is divided between the old ways still despite millennia of teaching to the contrary. We are still profoundly locked in the ego mental ways producing an ego mental World that has reached terrible crisis point. It's unsustainable and that is what the World Commission recognises that this generation has to make a mass shift in consciousness and finally fulfil our legacy or else we are not going to be sustainable... When we become Global we dilate the Global lens, the Global mind and get a whole multiple perspectives in this dance of dialogue and have multiplicity and yet see the common truths of connectivity. We mature as rational beings, as moral beings, as civic beings... So the strategy is that the simplest most powerful minimal condition to have a culture that is sustainable depends upon shifting the lens of people from the old way that produces the fragmented way to the integral way that begins to bring forth a World of compassion and care.

Q. What are some of the more ingenious ways in which this might happen because this means in essence shifting media, shifting everything really?

A. It does.

Baron Rees of Ludlow - July 2005 Oxford England

Any scientific discovery has benign consequences as well as dangerous ones and also when a scientist makes a discovery he or she normally has no clue what the applications are going to be. And so what this means is that we have to accept that there will be hazards and I think we have to go back to what happened in the post war era, post World War 2, when the nuclear scientists involved in making the atomic bomb in many cases were concerned that they could do all they could to alert the World to the danger and they were inspired not by the young Einstein who did the great work in Relativity, but by the old Einstein the icon of poster and T shirt who failed in his scientific efforts to unify the physical laws. He was premature but he was a moral compass and inspiration to scientists who were concerned with arms control. And perhaps the greatest living person is someone I am privileged to know, Joe Rotblatt... He's 96 years old and he founded the "Pugwash Movement'. He persuaded Einstein as his last act to sign the famous memorandum of Bertrand Russell and he sets one example of the concerned scientist. And I think to harness science optimally to choose which doors to open and which to leave closed we need latter day counterparts like Joseph Rotblatt. We need not just campaigning physicists but we need botanists, computer experts and environmentalists as well. And I think academics and independent entrepreneurs have a special obligation because they have more freedom than those in Government service or company employees subject to commercial pressure.